Friday, May 15, 2015

Little Things

Look at the things that can be keeping you from your goals.
Maybe you need to add a new habit or maybe you need to break an old one. Here are some simple steps you can take right NOW that can elicit the change you need to get you on track.
Habit to add: Increasing H20
Start as soon as you wake up, drink 16-20 oz of room temperature water. Where you can, add 16oz to each meal of the day.
Habit to remove: Reducing alcohol
Save the alcohol for one special event each week or one weekend evening. Challenge yourself to 1-2 servings only. If you're a woman, 1 serving will be sufficient due to the difference in caloric needs between genders.
Habit to add: More vegetables in a meal
Double your serving of any vegetable per meal. Each week try a vegetable you've never tried before or one you haven't had in a while but prepared differently.
Habit to remove: Reduce grains and starches by half.
Consider any meal where you have potatoes, rice, pasta, etc and cut the portion in half. Sandwiches would be open-faced (one slice of bread).
Habit to add: After-dinner walk
Many people gravitate to the couch after dinner and lounge in front of the television. Take a short walk (15-30 minutes) directly after dinner to assist in digestion and get in extra steps for the day
Habit to remove: Pantry dissection
Throw out the chips, crackers, pretzels,  and cookies from the pantry. Actually open the package and dump the insides into the trash. If you have active children who consume these things, make a special trip to the store and buy a single serving to accommodate. If the temptation isn't there for you, it's easier to keep your distance.
Habit to add: "Me Time"
Take 5-10 minutes every morning before you open emails, Facebook, etc and meditate or pray. For those like me with restless minds, you may get a perfectly good challenge with 5 minutes of meditation until you can build up to more time. Focus on your breathing and when your mind wanders (and it will), bring your attention back to the inhale/exhale.
Habit to remove: Negative self-talk
What type of conversation do you have with yourself in your birthday suit, alone in the mirror? Would you say those things to your best friend who's also struggling with their goals? Probably not. If you would compliment someone else, find something: ANYTHING to compliment yourself for. Make sure the list of positives continues to grow while the list of negatives dissipates.
Having trouble deciding where to start? We’re here to help!

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