Monday, November 26, 2012

Revolution: Re-Envisioned

On the heels of Thanksgiving, I've been dragging my heels on sending this newsletter out. Granted, things are moving along as planned with our new location. I speak for Jon and myself when I say, we can't wait for you to see the new place. The excitement of expansion, greater visibility, complementary businesses as neighbors and the potential to touch and change more lives is beyond expression. I believe it's that "potential" that I wanted to speak on with this message. Rather than split off with a handful of different topics as I typically do, I thought I would take a different, possibly singular approach this time around.

In April of 2009, when I opened the Hudson studio, the motto of the business was:
Personalized, Privatized, Revolutionized: Welcome To The New You.

I thought that it captured everything the business was about.
Did we offer personalized workouts? Yes.
Was it a private facility? Yes.
Was it particularly revolutionary? Not really.
And as for the "new you" part...well, you really have to work for that don't you?
I think we can all agree that getting down to a magical pant size isn't a new you, simply revisiting an "old you".

Allow me to back up for a moment.
When I originally named the business, Revolution was my attempt to pay homage to a band near and dear to my heart: The Beatles. In actuality, there was a double entendre which I wasn't cognizant of at first.
A definition of the word "revolution" can be found as "a sudden, complete or marked change in something".

Now, that could speak volumes. Especially when you relate it to your health and wellness.

Since I opened, I've tried multiple ways to market and advertise the business. Many of those ways failing miserably and wasting a lot of money at the same time. However, something happened to unveil itself to me. As I have watched my son grow and continue his challenges with autism, as I watched my father succumb to and eventually pass from bone marrow cancer, as I continue to watch and be inspired by my mother who has not only survived bone cancer, but is plagued by FSH muscular dystrophy as well, a new motto became apparent:
Be Fit For Generations.

It is this new tagline which has pushed me more and more as I become accustomed to it. I realize that this business and the service we offer is not for everyone. Either due to financial means or it doesn't fit the mold of the individual. I believe we as people have an obligation to those who love us and depend on us. An obligation to be healthier and more respectful of our bodies. To be more disciplined in our lifestyles so we can be role models to children, spouses, significant others, parents, friends, etc. To rid ourselves of toxic people and influence. It's not to detract from having a good time and enjoying life as we live it but to have the ability to live life with greater fullness. It's the impression that I so dearly hope is transferred to our clients: both current and future. I would be lying if I said it was the driving force since the beginning. It wasn't.

This is essentially a message on two fronts:

1) A sincere thanks to the clients who continue to shape why this business thrives. Every decision I make is in efforts to see the best results for everyone who takes part in what we do. 

2) A call-to-arms (if you will), for those who have not decided what to do with their lives. You have one shot. One body, one lifetime to figure out what you've done wrong or could be doing better. How much time will you let slip before you realize that some basic lifestyle changes could have brought you from point A to B in better fashion? How long will you wait trusting your own judgment of what's best for you before you realize maybe the way you've gone about things isn't beneficial anymore?

Most importantly: How does the way you live your life speak to the generation before you (your parents, grandparents, etc) or the generation after you (children, nieces, nephews, etc). Not to mention, the generation you have chosen to commit your life to? Are you inspiring those around you?

We would like to inspire you.

Sincerely, Jason Leenaarts

Monday, November 5, 2012

H Is For Help

When Pride Becomes Your Enemy
Do you know someone who just can't admit when they need assistance? In fitness, that outlook can not only lead to injury but can stand in the way of your progress and your overall health. While it's easy for me to point for help in the way of a personal trainer that may not always be the solution for some people. Some can be properly motivated just by having a partner to train with or a support group. It comes down to what every individual is comfortable with. The ability to be humbled and allow yourself to learn or refresh yourself on your goals can be huge for steering you on the right path. Take a look inside yourself and at the areas of your health that need the most attention. Then ask yourself who you should call on to help you improve so you can be the very best you possible.