Monday, July 16, 2012

The Problem With Your Timeline

Lose Weight Now
I've always noticed, it's the people who "want" to lose weight that tend to be the most motivated to get weight off. That being said, people who are driven to look their best for a vacation, a swimsuit, a reunion, etc. seem to be more committed to results. The good thing in their case is they have found great motivation. The potential downside is the body rarely responds the way the heart and mind desire. Let's say you want to lose a modest and realistic 15 pounds in 10 weeks. By most accounts, that isn't too much to ask for. The problems creep up when your body just isn't "ready" to drop the weight. Some people become more desperate to drop the weight and go for more extreme and drastic measures to see that magic number on the scale or fit into that dream pant size. From literally hundreds of clients I have had the honor to work with, only a handful have been able to lose a significant amount of weight in a short timeframe. The more time you can give your body to adjust to a better diet, a formal exercise regimen, and a healthier lifestyle the better it will adapt and be less likely to rebel. When you get fast results in short time, your body has a greater potential to fire back with less than favorable results no matter how hard you train or how extreme your dietary measures become. Equip yourself with time, patience and consistency to the "plan" to get the results you deserve.

Friday, July 6, 2012

F Is For Failure

Can You Accept Less Than The Best?
I love working out. I don't mean the day-in/day-out of being in a gym with the ability to lift weights at any given moment. I mean I love knowing that exercise is the one place in my life where it's okay to not be perfect every time you do it. That's not to be confused with poor form. The gym is the place where you can have an off-day and still feel like you were productive. Some people never give themselves credit to get to the gym because they're afraid of how they look or how others might perceive them. Maybe they put on an extra couple of pounds and they're afraid that their social circle may think less of them. It bears reminding that nearly every single person who steps foot into a gym is there to better themselves, in whatever capacity. Virtually everyone around you is there because they see something/things that need improvement. You'll rarely have perfect workouts, or the perfect workout attire, or the best hair-day, etc. Failure, in it's best form, is inevitable. Can you accept it to help yourself move forward?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No Sin, All Cinnamon

The Sweet Spice
Cinnamon has a remarkable quality of helping the way your body breaks down sugar. Before you get carried away looking for a Cinnabon, I'm talking about the spice itself not just the way it complements a dessert! If you're looking for just the right touch of sweetness to a snack add a sizeable dash to your food. For many people, it can help kill a sugar craving that might drive you to something less than healthy but be completely beneficial for you. At only 6 calories per teaspoon, you might just have the most guiltless spice on the market right at your fingertips.