Friday, September 27, 2013


The newest member of the RevFit family, trainer Megan Winiarski! Megan is a graduate of Kent State University. She got her degree in educational studies with a focus on health and physical education and also has a minor in community health. During college, Megan coached golf and softball and participated in numerous student organizations. She values family and friends and was recently married on June 22, 2013. She enjoys working with individuals who strive to better themselves through fitness. Developing programs that fit and complement the individual's goal or goals is her primary focus.  Megan is a certified personal trainer through the ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association).   Our current clients love her and I'm sure you will too.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Battle at Home

Staying the course is so much easier said than done.

You make plans, maybe even a list of the things you need to do to get your health/physique/weight in line to something closer to where you want it. In the grand scheme of things, you'd think it would be like a grocery list. Go down the aisle, get your food, cross a line off the item on your list and move on. Theoretically, your health and fitness work in a similar manner.

Until life happens.

Let's assume the list looks something like this:

Exercise 5 times a week
No junk food
Log food into journal
Track calories burned
No late-night snacking
Only 2 cups of coffee a day
Buy groceries on Sunday, prep food to start on Monday
Drink 3 liters of water a day.

Now that's not such an unrealistic list. It's measurable, short, and shows a series of baby steps.

All in all, I'd say if you could knock out that list consistently you'd be damn proud of your progress.

So Monday gets off to a great start. Food's in line, your exercise is either completed or scheduled for later in the day, you had your 2 cups of coffee and work's not going so bad.

Tuesday starts off much the same.

Then you get a message from your boss you're going to have to stay later than normal. So much for working out that night, have to shift 'til Wednesday. You barrel home between 7-8p and you haven't touched a morsel of food since noon. So, you let your ravenous urges take over and next thing you know you've consumed more than half your daily calories right before you retire for the evening. The optimist in the back of your head says "Just get back on the wagon tomorrow".

Wednesday comes and you oversleep. You rush to work, no breakfast. Head hurts and you order a double-mocha-frappa bomb at the local coffee shop. Your spouse calls and says, "I know you're stressed, let's just take the kids out for pizza tonight after their sports practice."

Sound vaguely familiar?

If not, maybe you don't have a spouse or kids. Your scenario may turn into friends, significant other, etc telling you it's the middle of the week and you need to head out for dinner and drinks to unwind a bit. And before you know it, the alcohol and food have turned into a 2000 calorie bender. But if you're not tracking your calories you wouldn't know how bad the numbers actually are.

Not to mention, the frustration when your friends/neighbor/significant other can eat anything that isn't nailed down and not gain a pound.

Not you, a fantasy about a brownie keeps the scale stuck in one place for 4 days.

Take a second.


There IS a way out.

The problem with the "list" is that although it seems easy, it can be terribly daunting in practice. Screw up one day and it's easy to blow a week.

But also remember, it's about the steps. Take one of those items and commit. Take a week with it, maybe two. Get comfortable. Then move on to the next item.

Don't treat it like a grocery list or a daily to-do. This is much bigger, far more important.

I try to tell people, take the easiest item first. Make it a habit. Then move on. You didn't habitually brush your teeth every day. You were instructed, supervised, and reminded it had to be done. One bad trip to the dentist reminded you of the importance. Now brushing your teeth is a 2-3x daily ordeal. Piece of cake. No pun intended.

The journey may begin with a step but the journey doesn't end just because you took the first step. Steps must be continued, made habitual, and become second nature.

The battle at home begins with choice. The good news is, nearly every possible decision that needs to be made about your health is YOUR CHOICE.

We can help you pick the wise ones.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something REALLY Special

I want to let you in on an exclusive secret. Over the last several months, I've been privy to a brand new product that is going to blow the socks off of anyone who tries it. In fact, once this concoction hits the market, I will probably be able to retire a very rich man.

Just some of the details about this amazing drink:

It's gluten-free
Lactose free
Vegan and vegetarian friendly
Sugar free
High in Omega-3's
Only has 5 calories per serving
High in essential vitamins and minerals
Has the equivalent of 5 fruits and vegetables per serving
Chock full of organic, natural stimulants that are 100% non-habit forming and won't make you crash
Scientifically proven in double-blind studies to melt body fat
And price wise?

Only $30 for a month supply.

Because I'm close with the manufacturer I can tell you that I am the only person to break this news so far. But once it's released, EVERYBODY is going to know about it.

It's called:


Hopefully, you were able to realize before you heard the name of this: this product is NOT REAL.

But sure sounds a nice!!

The sad thing is: someone out there (actually lots of people) are peddling products like this to you. Promises of better looking bodies with lightning fast results. Please understand: these products (generally) are overhyped garbage.

That doesn't necessarily mean they aren't somewhat effective but try to see through the smoke and mirrors.

Chances are you have either heard of or are using products that are boasting many of the benefits of what you saw above. And as the media continues to perpetuate our need for more, it becomes difficult to see something out there and go "Gee, I bet you I could really look, feel, and perform better if I just took Product X!

Not to mention, all of these companies are making a huge mint off of you selling these things to your friends, which they in turn sell to their friends and next thing you know...we've all quit our jobs living off the residual income from Product X.

So, be skeptical of what's out there. The supplement industry is not even remotely regulated for safety by the FDA (that goes for organic supplements too). Current laws have allowed the supplement industry to pump out unheard of amounts of products and it could take months if not years before a harmful ingredient attracts enough attention to be banned. By the time an ingredient does get ripped out, there are very savvy chemists who have devised another combination to get filtered back in so products don't have to disappear completely.

These companies are trying to wow you with just enough buzzwords in their descriptions that you just couldn't possibly turn them down.

And chances are, if you have any involvement on Facebook or Twitter, you've got friends who are really publicizing things not too different than what I mentioned above.

So, while SEXY JUICE doesn't exist there was probably a moment where you were going through the list of benefits saying, "WOW, I've gotta get that!"

The lure of SEXY JUICE may be too hard to resist, but as my father was always smart enough to remind me "If it sounds too good to be true..." Well, you know the rest!