Wednesday, October 31, 2012

G Is For Genetics

Understanding What You Can and Can't Change
Whenever fitness is involved, it's easy to look at celebrities, friends, or even strangers and have some type of envy for those who can reach their physical attributes so easily. Maybe you've seen someone lose their weight post-pregnancy with little to no effort. Maybe there's someone who can hit the gym and see major strength gains and physique development with no recovery issues and no real plateaus. While the argument for a great program and great nutrition will always be in the forefront, genetics are a crucial factor as well. Look at the physiques of your family members. Broad shoulders? Thin frame? A steady pattern of excess abdominal fat? There are so many ways to consider you may only be able to slightly modify what your genetic predisposition will be. It's reasonable to consider that without pumping yourself full of unnecessary (or illegal) supplements or embarking on an extreme diet, you may only be able to achieve so much for your desired physique. Look in the mirror and determine what changes you believe you can make within reason and get yourself as close as you can, as safely as possible. This means you may never have lean, toned arms, you may never have a strapping chest, and you may never have a six-pack. Genetics play such a huge role in these otherwise minor details. Look at yourself as a complete package and give yourself the best opportunity to be fit all over. While the definition of "fit" may mean different things to different people, have the self confidence to say "I look and feel the very best I can with what I've been born with!"