Monday, November 7, 2011

The Battle Of The Holiday Bulge

It’s that time of year again. Halloween has come and gone but what lies ahead are Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s this time of year when people typically arguably pack on more pounds than any other 4-5 weeks combined. However, it may surprise you that the weight isn’t just because of the great food you have waiting for you. The majority of the weight gain that creeps on people is because of their inactivity. It’s easy to put your fitness on the backburner while you’re organizing and attending holiday events. Here are some things to consider in helping you and your waistline survive the rest of the year:
-Make time for cardio. Whether you walk, run, swim, or spin don’t forget that it may help your stress levels to burn a few extra calories this holiday season.
-Grab a friend! Have someone share in the workload with you by making a commitment to help each other exercise for half an hour to an hour whenever you can. You’ll both benefit from it and it will help with accountability.
-Keep a calorie cheat sheet in mind. Here are some of the most popular holiday foods you’ll come across and an approximate reminder of what could be on your plate before it hits your belly:
-Turkey: 200 calories (6 oz.)
-Ham: 300 calories (6 oz.)
- Green Bean Casserole: 275 calories (1 cup)
-Cranberry Sauce: 200 calories (1/2 cup)
-Stuffing: 200 calories (1/2 cup)
-Mashed Potatoes: 200 calories (1 cup)
-Pumpkin Pie: 300 calories (1 slice)
Sound familiar? Try to keep portion sizes moderate and resist the urge for second and third helpings!