Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Is For Atrophy

Feed And Use Or Lose!
Think about your last hard workout. If that memory doesn't come to mind quickly enough, think about the time you spend doing nothing. Your muscles, those precious commodities which need continual stimulation need a way to thrive. If you've become too sedentary, chances are you've lost a lot of muscle. If you have a habit of not getting the proper nutrients into your system after a good workout, guess what? You could still lose a lot of muscle! The good news is this: for all of you sedentary people, it's NEVER too late to get things going again to regain the muscle you may have lost, rev up your metabolism, and give yourself a routine worth sticking with. And for those of you who already have the exercise portion under control, you have a delicate opportunity (roughly 30 minutes) after your workout to get enough protein and carbs back into your system so your muscles don't eat themselves in efforts to recover and rebuild! If you need help with either one of these situations, come see us!